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The principle of antenna
Release Date:【2011.10.8】

Antenna theory to is divided into two parts, one is the transmitting antenna, a receiving antenna. The transmitting antenna through a simple, is called " antenna" of the antenna and ground electrodes formed between the high frequency electric field is changed into electromagnetic waves, which can be fired out and the wave into the distance. The receiving antenna is simple, is through a called" antenna" electrode will air from the electromagnetic wave induction electric field, generating a high frequency signal voltage to the receiver, signal processing.

The antenna has two electrodes, may be a" antenna", another is the earth; also can be two" antenna", this antenna has stronger orientation.

After the antenna reflecting surface is used to reflect electromagnetic wave, the reflected signal and to the superposed signal, signal is enhanced, and the specular reflection of visible light are the same. For the longer wavelengths of electromagnetic wave, the reflector has a mirror" finish". Satellite station reflective surface generally use a paraboloid, and a converging electromagnetic wave, focus on the strongest signals.

Reflector as a" mirror", originally without any treatment, but the reflection surface is metal, in order to lightning protection and anti interference, for open erecting reflector need for lightning protection grounding. The reflection surface and the shielding layer of the feeder which approach is not accurate, even harmful. This is because the shielding layer of the feeder is connected with signal, and the reflecting surface is then lightning protection, the two principle is not allowed to directly share.

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