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Walkie talkie use should pay attention to several points
Release Date:【2011.10.8】

Walkie talkie use should pay attention to several points

The intercom use should pay attention to when starting up, should be examined using the channel is correct, so as to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Use the intercom, intercom microphone should remain vertical, from the mouth of the 3-5 cm.

Use the walkie-talkie should avoid high temperature, damp, combustible gas environment away from the gas station.

Use the walkie-talkie, action should be light, do not use the walkie-talkie antenna site, it is likely to cause walkie-talkie antenna damage, affecting the communication.

Transmitting power consumption, time to answer a small power consumption, waiting to save.

When charging, charging for the first time the best over 8 hours, otherwise it will affect the charging efficiency and the service life of the battery.

The use of process do not repeatedly switch machine action, at the same time, adjust the volume to fit your auditory location.

Use only the manufacturers original or endorsement by the antenna, unauthorized or adapted antenna may damage the walkie-talkie or a violation of the provisions of the information industry radio management committee.

Walkie Talkie Radio cannot be unscrewed to use, when to launch it in damaged the power tube.

Do not use the damaged antenna, at launch, if the damage to the antenna comes into contact with the skin, may cause minor burns.

The battery must use the original manufacturers battery or approved battery, and the charging should be in 5-40 degrees Celsius, if more than this temperature range, battery life be affected, there is also the possibility of sufficient dissatisfaction with the rated capacity.

To avoid electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility problems arising in a" closed walkie-talkie," marking the occasion closed walkie-talkie. For example, hospitals, airports, gas station and other places.

Use of walkie-talkie, key control knob and the case is very easy to change dirty, please take the control knob on the intercom, and use neutral detergent and wet cloth cleaning machine. Using the example of decontamination agent, alcohol, spray and other chemical walkie-talkies may result in damage to the surface and the shell.

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