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Walkie talkie batteries maintenance knowledge
Release Date:【2011.10.8】

For the radio quality, battery is very important one, directly affect the service life and the using effect of interphone. Ou Yibao reminds everybody to pay close attention to the choice and maintenance of the walkie-talkie batteries, walkie-talkie to try to buy buy high energy, long service life, small and green memory effect of battery.

Use and maintenance of radio should pay attention to the following questions:

1 working temperature: - 20 C - 60 C;

2 battery change please check the interphone is in shutdown state, not in the walkie-talkie in a power-on state plug battery;

3 battery need long time use when deposited, please read the battery precharge about 50% n, so conducive to prevent battery performance attenuation;

4 three times before charging as sufficient for 16 hours, in order to reduce the memory function, subsequent charging time 10 hours;

5 batteries in the 5-5-90 ( i.e. 5% emission signal, 5% signal, 90% standby ) cases using time up to 8 hours, and as the battery capacity, quality, the use of frequency and different.

6 battery life in general by the battery" charge - discharge" electric cycles measured, but the different brand walkie-talkie battery standards, such as MOTO battery for minimum loop 300 times.

7 for the average nickel-hydrogen batteries and nickel-cadmium battery. At the end of each charge must be walkie-talkie battery completely clean (i.e., press the PTT key can not be normally transmitted radio ). Otherwise, will make the walkie-talkie batteries have a memory. The battery life is shortened greatly.

Ou Yibao to provide high-quality walkie-talkie walkie-talkie accessories at the same time provide replacement and repair. We provide all the walkie-talkie accessories are original parts, amenable to inspection and test. At the same time, we hope that the professional walkie-talkie repair services you can solve all the problems in the intercom use, avoid the replacement by the high cost of interphone.

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