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Intercom call far distance?
Release Date:【2011.10.8】

Conventional radio communication distance open up to 8 ~ 10 km, the general area of up to 3 ~ 5 km, in tall buildings or mountains blocking situations, the talking distance will be relatively short. When a network support, walkie-talkie call range up to several tens of kilometers. Networking is the use of relay station ( also known as the base station or the turntable ), automatically receives from the radio signal, and amplifies and forwarding. Networking can interphone communication coverage, extending distance calls, clearing up to 1020 km ( handheld walkie-talkie ) and 30-50 km ( car radio ), inside the building can be covered in the basement, underground parking, fire channel shielding of serious, usually called dead area.

Consumers can buy walkie-talkie?

Consumers can also buy the walkie-talkie, but before the purchase and use of walkie-talkie must apply to local radio management committee (hereinafter referred to as the" Commission") application, a radio station license and pay the frequency occupation fee. Since December 6, 2001, our country open civilian interphone market, use the 400MHz, transmit power less than 0.5 w of civilian interphone, without the need for any formalities.

Walkie talkie can you call?

In a network supporting conditions, intercom can be used to call. But if it is only a single between conventional telephone call, can achieve the function of.

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