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"Take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure" beautification antenna
Release Date:【2011.8.24】
Recently, chongqing mobile was forced to dismantle the located at chongqing beauty in the valley feed disguised as a tree mobile base station. Earlier, in fear of the radiation, this village of more than owner found the property administrative office, requirements will move out of the area, the antenna owners think "' trees' came in, nearby the leaves and Withers, the fish died a few".

Since always, operators base station faces into village difficult problem. On the one hand, people worried about the radiation, often can truly the base station to operators block; sandwich And on the other hand, residential property company will grasp "business opportunities to all operators," for take turns up for flight, "", make operators entrance fee pain in the neck.

For the above reasons the first hand, despite previous operator continuous publicity, relevant government department, but also DuoCi moved to dismiss from the chongqing's case can be seen, the user to radiation worries will still unsolved.

Antenna on the radiation of the DuoDa? At present had the full scientific evidence that the impact is not big, but is not reassure people's fears. In fact, China's more than 100 employees, more than 700 million mobile phone operator user did not appear so far by the mobile phone radiation cause malignant consequence, if the user for mobile base station to worry about radiation words, so the same user should also microwave oven, computer, TV and other home appliances eyebrows "."

In the short period can't change the user view of the circumstances, operators after being forced to come up with the plan, will beautify antenna antenna for trees, air conditioning, dress up entertainment setting village common things, attempt to some relief into village difficult problem. Base station

But chongqing mobile failure case shows that although spent the extra cost, but the effect of beautification antenna still seems not ideal. It tells us, the base station has radiation of the hidden yi, with beautification antenna to escape is it won't work, after all, the user can from websites, etc DuoGe learn about the structure of the beautification antenna.

Also have put forward three people, the operators can punitive to neighborhood, high threshold completely give up construction base station, let users to so-called radiation safety and communication insulated. Can say, such measures may short-term certain effect, but not long-term big scope of implementation. Because operators are not only enterprise, but also has the national popularity of social responsibilities, the communication is why so many domestic remote cannot live in hard still see operators, such as the antenna, and what's more, mount Everest densely populated area.

Three big operators market competition, means quite a lot. But met into village of high prices threshold, the collective is passive and stranded. At this time, operators do?

Back to chongqing mobile beautification antenna demolished the events, the author thought, chongqing mobile should rely on outside force ", namely "by chongqing government, chongqing tube bureau clear and effective rules and regulations, and the government for antenna problems DuoZhong channels of radiation scientific propaganda, and contribute to the operators of three with the refund, sharing, and regulating property entrance fee charges quotas. In this way, the future antenna into village will no longer is a difficult problem, beautify the antenna was demolished examples will also be dramatically reduced.
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