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Antenna mask types of
Release Date:【2011.8.24】
Antenna mask can be used for certain products, and the demand of the antenna for different need to also have different antenna mask types to choose.

Antenna mask type can from different angles to division, different type is used for different purposes and equipment. Specific for antenna mask type to be able to be so divided: purposes into aviation from type and the ground (including carrier) type two kinds big. According to the antenna radiation from electric wave Angle is divided into perpendicular incident antenna mask and big incident Angle antenna mask. Radiation wave ray and cover an Angle of the normal wall Angle. Less than 30 ° Angle of says perpendicular incident antenna mask. Antenna in the enclosure scanning to any location, the change of the incident Angle range are more (from 0 to 75 or more), called big incident Angle antenna mask. The latter electric performance is better than the former one greatly reduced. According to the antenna mask cross-sectional shape wall, antenna mask evenly divided into single wall structure, sandwich structure and spatial skeleton structure 3 kinds. According to the forming of antenna mask, the ground radome way into air cover and rigid cover two kinds.

These are the types of antenna mask, visible, in different fields, utility, need to choose a different antenna mask to achieve the ideal effect and performance.
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